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Our self-catering bungalow has a first floor leisure room with a dormer window. It is an end terrace property built in the 1930’s. We have a No Smoking Policy. We have tried to provide you with as much information as possible in this statement. If you have any queries, please do call.

Bookings/ enquiries can be made by telephone or post.
The nearest train station, for your continuing journey by boat or plane, is Penzance. On your arrival on the Isles of Scilly the airport taxi or Skybus transport is available for you to ride to Hugh Town. If arriving on RMV Scillonian your walk from the quay is approximately 10 minutes. Your luggage will be delivered from the quay by Island Carriers, at a small charge per item. Contact Isles Of Scilly Steamship Group: 0845 710 5555 for passenger ferry or plane.

Luggage will be unloaded on the roadside at the top of the drive to the rear of the bungalow if you arrive by taxi or Skybus transport.
Visitors to the Isles of Scilly are encouraged to leave their cars in mainland car parks, at or near their place of departure. However, transport of vehicles can be arranged with the Isles of Scilly Steamship Co. Ltd., subject to space being available.
There is a level concrete driveway through double gates at the bungalow, but no dropped curb. Vehicle access by arrangement only. Cars may be parked on the road, but it is very narrow. The nearest parking area is otherwise 25 metres away.

At the top of the drive the rear entrance has two steps up, from right to left behind a granite wall onto a platform. Then a final step through the door into the kitchen. The first step is 8cm high x 28cm deep and 84cm wide. The second 19cm deep. The third through the kitchen door is 21cm high and 84cm wide. The door is 83cm wide.

An alternative front entrance on the seaward side of the bungalow is available from the lawn up two steps to the decking 120cm wide x 29cm deep and 17cm high. The deck is nearly 2.5metres wide to the door, which is 82 cm wide. At the doorway there is a 14cm hollow, then weatherboard of 1.5cm in height through the door. Both doors have a Yale type lock above the door handle.

Off the kitchen, there is a 59.5cm wide door into a small lobby, then 75cm wide door into the shower room with Shower Bath, Basin and WC.  The carpet-tiled hall is entered by a second door from the kitchen, which is 76cm wide, as are all doors, which radiate from the hall. The full width of the hall is 84cm. There is a Lounge/Dining Room and two bedrooms. but first a doorway on the right, to the stairway to the first floor, with access to the electricity metres, reached to the right, up three curved steps of the stairs.
The bedroom and lounge average 3.5 metres square.

Each room has a 4.5cm wide door strip, each 1 cm high from the carpet tiles.

After the stairs, this is the next door on the right from the kitchen.

The table (non-movable side to side) has legs on each corner of 63cm from the floor to the lowest point of the table (under space), is 118cm long and 75cm wide and 74cm total height.

Free space between the table and the wall is 6cm on one side and between the table and other furniture is 50cm on two sides with a maximum of 76cm to the doorway.

Chairs (all moveable) of which there are four with no arms.

Flooring is carpet tiles.

A CD/radio  is available.

Flooring is carpet tiles

Furniture is not moveable. 

The settee and two easy chairs are armed. A low coffee table is provided.

Teletext TV provided with remote control. Also available is DVD player. There is a selection DVDs in a separate unit.

Room combinations: Ground floor – One Twin room and One Double room.
Non feather duvets but feather pillows are provided in each room
Duvet covers are poly-cotton.
Ground floor:
The bedroom with twin 3ft beds is the first door on the left from the kitchen.
Largest transfer space to the left of one bed is 70cm.
Largest transfer space on the right of one bed is 54cm.
Bed heights are 54cm from the floor to the top of the mattress.
The beds are only moveable within the stated space.
The largest free space clear of doors and furniture is 70cm x 1.5metres.
The flooring is carpet tiles.

The bedroom with a double bed is the second door on the left from the kitchen.
The bed height is 70cm, 137cm wide, with 70cm space either side of the bed. Free space clear of doors and furniture is 2metres x 70cm.
The flooring is carpet tiles.


The shower room has a shower bath being the maximum width of the room. Free space in the shower room (free of doors and furniture) is 110cm x 88cm.

The Toilet seat is 44 cm.
No space to the right of the toilet and the basin is to the left.
Flooring is ceramic tiles.
Worktop height is 91cm.
Oven door is side opening from the right, below the hob and grill. Height of the lowest shelf is 24cm.
Sink is 91cm high with double cupboards underneath.
Hob is 91cm high.
Flooring is carpet tiles, ceramic tiles and cushion floor.
At least 118cm free space between all furniture and worktops.
Kitchen is lit by single centre strip light, switched from the hall on the left hand side.
Fridge under worktop. Table top freezer.Washing Machine and Tumble Dryer also available under worktop and microwave above worktop.

Reached via staircase of 13 steps, the first 3 being curving round the corner and being 19cm high, then to remaining steps of 82cm wide x 24cm deep. Gated at top.
Rope handrail to the left, wooden handrail to the right on reaching the straight stairs.
Short pile carpet on stairs and carpet tiles on first floor.
Furniture is mostly not moveable. Non-feathered cushions provided on seating.
Two-seater settee on either side of the dormer window with arms. Coffee table provided between seating.
Dining table with legs on each corner but extending top if required on two sides – 63cm from floor to lowest point of table (under space), 61cm wide x 121cm long x 73cm high.
Chairs (all moveable), 4 wooden ones with padded cushion seats, which have no arms.
Further settee with arms.
TV provided with remote control with video player. A large selection of videos are available in the TV unit.
Low ceilings in part of this room.

Grassed area to seafront and side.

Poor mobile phone reception for some networks.
Television reception may be poor in certain weather conditions.

Bryher Cottage,
Whitemoor Lane,
B96 6NT
Telephone: 01527 893619 – Hours of operation – All reasonable times, answer phone available.

We welcome you feedback to help us to continuously improve.

* * * * * *

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